Our Fees

Other search costs that may apply when purchasing property

We will advise you whether any of these apply to your purchase. They are dependent upon whether you are obtaining finance for the purchase, buying a strata property, buying a house, buying a house that has had alterations effected without final council approval; whether specific contract disclosures reveal a Government body having an interest in the property. These other search costs are guide only and subject to change by the various authorities they are obtained from.

Other Search Costs  
Land Titles Registration fee $214.00 on Transfer. $214.00
A Transfer applies if you are not obtaining lender finance $214.00 $214.00
Agency fee on Registration of Title $25.00
Roads and Maritime Services search – estimated fee $48.00
Mines Subsidence search – Estimated fee $48.00
Building Inspection Report $275.00
Pest Inspection Report $220.00
Survey Report $715.00
Council Building Certificate $250.00
Strata Inspection Report $295.00
Strata Insurance Certificate of Currency $44.00
Bank Cheque costs each $10.00
Settlement fee (outside of Gosford) $49.00
Banking fee $8.00