Our Fees

Fees Frequently Asked Questions

What work is included in our purchase costs?

  • We will keep you well informed throughout the entire matter
  • Endeavor to obtain copies of existing Survey Report and Building Certificate, if any
  • Provide you with lengthy written contract advise and copy of the contract
  • Co-ordinate with a sale and/or loans
  • Obtain necessary pre-contract reports, provide you with copies
  • Negotiate procedural amendments or additions to the Contract, including lengthen, reduce or dispense with the cooling off period
  • Advise you regarding details in survey reports, building certificates
  • Peruse your pest and building reports
  • Obtain and peruse strata inspection reports – strata only
  • Arrange conference with you to discuss and execute contract prior to exchange of contracts
  • Attend to Exchange of Contracts
  • Provide you with exchange notification in writing, details of your completion date and your next steps
  • Obtain a standard set of enquiries
  • Obtain strata insurances – strata only
  • Submit transfer and requisitions to the vendors solicitor
  • Obtain stamp duty from you and attend to payment of stamp duty
  • Follow up on answers to requisitions on title and check answers are satisfactory
  • Chase all parties to confirm settlement date and confirm with you
  • Advise you regarding house insurance requirements
  • Provide you with draft settlement figures approximately 14 days prior to settlement
  • Provide you with draft settlement figures approximately 14 days prior to settlement
  • Provide you with a full settlement report after completion
  • Provide copies of all relevant documents to you
  • Provide advice and options should any difficulties arise during the course of the purchase

What work is included in our mortgage costs?

  • Obtaining the Lender’s security requirements
  • Ordering all Reports and Enquiries needed to satisfy those requirements
  • Chase your lender for approval
  • Discuss approval and requirements with you
  • Explain loan agreement, mortgage and other lender requirements to you
  • Attend on execution of mortgage documents
  • Attend to stamping of mortgage documents
  • Submit signed documents to Lender in readiness for settlement
  • Chase your lender to confirm all documents are satisfactory
  • Book the settlement with your lender
  • Provide cheque requirements to lender and venue of settlement
  • If required, act as unpaid agent for the lender on settlement
  • Provide you with copies of all signed documents
  • Provide you with final settlement correspondence, statements and accounts
  • Strata Only – obtain Strata Certificates of Currency

What work is not included in the costs?

  • Responsibility to advise on the effect of Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, Social Security Entitlements, Succession and Estate Planning, Land Tax
  • A Purchase conditional upon special arrangements, such as the approval of a Development Application
  • A purchase which is commercial in nature (different costs will apply) we will discuss the additional costs with you as soon as we have perused the Contract
  • A re-finance over any other Property including discharging a mortgage over another property (a further cost will be advised to you)

The Lender’s costs

If you are borrowing, then invariably the lender’s legal costs, bank cheque fees, search fees are payable by you, the borrower but are contained in the loan agreement.

Keeping you informed

Throughout the matter we will keep you and your Agent informed and up to date of progress either by telephone, email or letter

We do not charge separately for sundry expenses

Sundry expenses of telephone, facsimile, express post, platinum post, providing you with copies of all documents, are inclusive. If the Vendor requires settlement in Sydney then Sydney agency fees of $49.00 generally apply.